Nia Keturah Nia Keturah

When Maya Angelou was a little girl, she would play this game with her brother;

They would lay on their backs, stare at the clouds, and try to fall into the sky.

Everyday I try to fall into the sky.

Inspired by copious amounts of Kanye West, Nia Keturah is a college dropout turned rapper turned artist. A self proclaimed “vibe enhancer”–one proactively improving the surrounding energy–her works focus on human connections to spiritual forces. She is best known for her “somewearmasks” portrait series. Keturah’s lyrical and mixed media works have been featured in  Phil Taggert and Alice Levine’s BBC Radio 1 show, The Guardian, Hypetrak, Toronto Star, and The Washington Post. Her first solo exhibition, inspired by the cultural contributions of black women, is slated to debut this december in Washington DC.